Turkey Falafel – Jamie Oliver Style

It’s another Christmas leftover recipe today, once again thanks to Jamie Oliver.


There’s so much food in my fridge and freezer, I needed recipes that used up the leftovers in a way that allowed me to do something different. And yet, I still have some turkey meat left over (it’s in the freezer now).


All of this cooking has got my fridge full of food, and I’m not at home enough to eat it. Every night this week I am out of the house until at least 8pm due to various commitments. Having said that, I still need lunches at school, so at least all of the food will get eaten.


I do also need to start getting people round to help me eat the food too. I’m just always a bit concerned about something not working properly, so am scared to have people try something on the first go.


While the falafel turned out well in terms of flavour, it definitely fell apart while I was cooking. I think I need to mash up the chickpeas a bit more, to give a more mushy consistency that will bind together better.


It’s fun, sharing my food with all of you, whether friend or stranger, and maybe I’ll start making recipes of my own. Who knows?

I can’t believe how close we are getting to Christmas. It’s just a couple of weeks away. I love the build up to Christmas. All the lights, the gatherings, the movies, the food. It’s such a great month. It helps that I love eating! Haha.

Either way, today’s dinner comes from Jamie’s Christmas Cookbook again. I feel like I am going to be cooking a lot from his books these next few months.

If you have any suggestions on how to make the falafel bind together better, please let me know.

As I am making food from books, where the recipes are not available online, I do not have the right to publish the recipe on my blog. I don’t want to upset anyone. The photo of the cookbook page is a visual representation, but comes from the cookbook itself.

I highly recommend buying it!

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