Granola & Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

Right, so the past two weeks have been hectic. Obviously, I’ve been making and creating for the blog because I love it. But I’ve also been trying to complete an essay for my PGCE, as well as submit paperwork for my teaching placement, and now I have a few more pieces of paperwork to print and fill out because my original mentor is now leaving the school. It’ll all work out, and it’ll all be fine – I just want to get this shit done before the Christmas holidays start so that I can actually relax over the holidays. At least, for a few days, before I start working on another essay that’s due in January.

I want to spend time with one of my best friends, who is in town for Christmas, without thinking about University work for 3 days. That’s all I’m asking for. 3 days of pure, unadulterated rest.

Anyway, on to today’s recipe.

It’s been a while since I gave you guys a breakfast recipe, and seeing as this week is going to be nuts (the last week before Christmas, you know how it is), I figure it’d be good to have an easy, quick-to-assemble breakfast available to be.

Once Friday hits though, it’ll be about lie ins (if my body clock will actually switch off) and brunches rather than breakfasts (except that I wake up early, and I like to eat, so let’s be realistic here – there will still be breakfasts).

Now, I make my own granola, and it’s Mum’s recipe (although I do sometimes adapt it depending on what I have available). Normally the sweetness is provided by coconut nectar, but as I have to go to a specific shop in Wanchai to buy coconut nectar (unfortunately Live Zero doesn’t stock it anymore), I’ve been buying agave at the supermarket instead. Don’t worry, I’m washing out the bottle and reusing it to stock up on other things when I go to Live Zero.

The point is, that it’s Mum’s granola recipe and like Dad’s cookie recipe, that’s staying with me (for now). But you can search the internet for make-your-own granola recipes, or you can just use store bought granola.

This parfait could be made vegan, should you so desire, by simply switching out the Greek yoghurt for raw coconut yoghurt, or another dairy-free alternative.

Add a pop of colour by sprinkling the parfait with your favourite fruits, the photos show pomegranate, but I’ve also used mixed berries. I would highly recommend kiwi or chunks of green apple if you like either of those. Most stone fruits (plums, peaches, nectarines, mangoes) would all go very well with this parfait as well. Just use what’s in season, or what you’ve got available.


4 tablespoons granola
6 tablespoons Greek yoghurt
a handful of fruit of choice

  1. Layer half of the yoghurt in a bowl or glass.
  2. Sprinkle half of the granola on top.
  3. Layer more yoghurt on top of the granola.
  4. Add the remaining granola, and then finish off with the fruit.

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